A Father’s Pride

We took our seats in the auditorium waiting with anticipation for the performance to begin. A lady with a microphone stepped forward to introduce that mornings lineup and the performers. When the music began, energetic three and four years old entered the room and took their place on the stage. This performance was not a... Continue Reading →

Leadership: Fear or Love?

As I stepped into the meeting area with twenty-five people of varying ages, life experiences, and impeccable skills, my responsibility as their leader quickly became a daunting reality. Despite my nervousness and fake attempts to convey confidence, my first day as their new leader was a success. Through the many success and failures in my... Continue Reading →

The Most Important Person

Several years ago I worked for a company in the automotive industry that was, like many during the Recession, enduring financial hardships and facing many unknowns. It was a scary season of layoffs and downsizing that affected everyone from the removal of the top three General Managers to the unfortunate hourly workers whose numbers just... Continue Reading →

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